Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Poll: Deeds 42%, McDonnell 38%

A new poll released by the Democratic Governors Association today shows that Deeds is still holding a lead over his Republican opponent Bob McDonnell. While generic Republicans still hold a two point lead over Democrats, according to the poll, Deeds is not your generic Democrat. The poll shows that Deeds holds a four point lead over McDonnell. The poll also shows who voter's trust most to handle certain issues. The poll state that while voters trust McDonnell on guns, taxes and abortion, they trust Deeds more when it comes to fighting for the middle class, reaching across the aisle, education, and creating jobs. It seems like both candidates talking points are working, but it seems that Deeds' edge over McDonnell when it comes to the jobs issue is probably giving Deeds his current lead. Another interesting point that the poll shows is that Deeds is quite popular among Virginians. 48% of Virginians hold a favorable opinion of Creigh Deeds. Only 43% of Virginians hold a favorable opinion of Bob McDonnell. Deeds will need to hone his campaign on the jobs issue and maintain his favorable opinion among Virginians to maintain his lead in the polls. Keep up the good work. It's going to be a long road to November, and I think we are probably going to see dozens of these polls by the time election day rolls by.

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