Friday, June 5, 2009

2009 Gubinatorial Race(for dummies)

Alright, Tuesday's primary is swiftly approaching and you have no clue who you are voting for. Perhaps, you don't even know who is on the ballot. I am here to solace you with the fact that you still have two whole days to decide who you're voting for. In actuality, that is really not a long amount of time, so I'm going to do your homework for you. To quote the complete idiot, Bill O'Reilly,"Get ready to enter the No Spin Zone!".

In the first corner is former DNC Chairman and Clinton Coffer, Terry McAuliffe. from McLean. He's a newcomer to Virginia politics, mainly sticking to being a Washington insider with close ties to the Clinton family. He frequently describes himself as a "Jobs Governor"(if he wins). To bolster his credentials that are pretty much exclusive to being a member of the party machine, he cites his prior experience in management with Federal City National Bank and Telergy as a credential that makes him best suited to be Governor. He has garnered the support of several Firefighter's Unions and the League of Conservation Voters. His most powerful endorsement come from his former boss and close friend, Former President Bill Clinton. McAulliffe pushes for a green economy and investment in education. McAullife's biggest strength as a candidate is his massive fundraising capacity that could give him the money needed to take on the powers of the RNC and RGA who are going to pump tons of cash into Virginia to ensure that Bob McDonnell resides in the Governor's Mansion in 2010.

Our next contender is Brian Moran who used to represent Alexandria in the House of Delegates until he recently resigned to pursue his gubernatorial ambitions. He was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates from 1995-2008. He advocated raising teacher's wages and investing in transportation infrastructure. His brother, Jim Moran, is a Democratic member of Virginia's Congressional Delegation and represents the 8th Congressional District. On his website, he describes himself as an environmental progressive and works to preserve this nation's beauty through bold policy to combat the effects of pollution and global warming. He also has worked as a legislator to combat drunk driving through legislation. He was leader of the House Democratic Caucus until his resignation. He has been endorsed several mayors including Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones.

The last, but certainly not least of our contenders for the Democratic Nomination is State Senator Creigh Deeds. He was born and raised in the rural Bath County, Virginia. It is important to note that he is the only native son in the Governor's Race whether it be Republican or Democrat. Creigh Deeds served in the House of Delegates from 1991 until 2001. In the House of Delegates, he was leader of the House Democratic Caucus, and wrote several important pieces of legislation including Megan's Law, which allows for the information of registered sexual offenders to become public knowledge. After winning a special election in 2001, Creigh Deeds has been a member of the Virginia State Senate. In 2005, Deeds ran against Bob McDonnell for the position of Attorney General. Unfortunately, Deeds lost by an extremely narrow vote margin of fewer than 350 votes. Creigh Deeds has one of the highest voting records of the NEA, 93%, of all the Gubernatorial candidates. As governor, Deeds would push for protecting the environment, investment in education and infrastructure, and redistricting reform. Deeds has been endorsed by several newspapers including: the Washington Post, the Bristol Herald Courier, and the Martinsville Bulletin. Congressman Rick Boucher of the rural 9th Congressional District of Virginia has also endorsed Deeds.

As you may see, the field of options is wide and diverse. From the rural state Senator Creigh Deeds to the outspoken party insider Terry McAuliffe to the former Delegate Brian Moran, the choice on Tuesday is yours. Choose wisely. Tomorrow, I will make an endorsement for who I think is best fit to lead Viginia and who will lead the Demoratic Ticket in the fashion of Goverors Warner and Kaine.

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