Sunday, June 14, 2009

Debate Time

Jody Wagner, the Democrat's candidate for lieutenant governor, has just raised the stakes in her bid to unseat incumbent Republican Bill Bolling. In an open challenge to Bolling, Jody requested that the two spar in five monthly debates. Now that's a whole lot of talking. This move will put both candidates on their feet and increase the possibility of a "maccaca moment" for either candidate. Jody also wants the debates to occur in different regions across our diverse state. In a written statement from Mrs. Jody Wagner, she said:"I believe it's important that voters have a clear understanding of both candidates, including our records, priorities and visions for the future." Bolling's camp has stated that they have not made contact with the Wagner campaign. "I'm confident there will be opportunities for debates during the course of the campaign," Bill Bolling's Campaign Manager Matt Wells said. I guess we'll all be wondering whether the Bolling and Wagner folks can coordinate something like this. As voters, we should encourage this public discourse as it leads to a well-informed electorate and healthy debate.


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