Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deeds-Wagner 2009

Do I know how to pick a candidate or what? Jody Wagner and Creigh Deeds bring a practical experience in the fashion of Governors Warner and Kaine. Their center-left politics are what will have McDonnell-Bowling quaking in their boots. I endorsed this ticket prior to the election knowing that this team could stand the best chance in November. Many point to Deeds' loss in 2005 as a reason for not voting for him, but his day will come in November. Deeds is more prepared than ever to not only beat McDonnell, but he will compete in rural areas like his home county of Bath,VA. Don't let McDonnell fool you, he is no centrist. He is paling around with the like of Gingrich and Gilmore and Virginia can do much better than that. Democrats unite around Creigh Deeds and Jody Wagner! Bring it on GOP!

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