Monday, June 8, 2009

Jody Wagner For Lieutenant Governor

While many pundits are amazed at how Creigh Deeds has managed to pull away from a distant third place to an anticipated victory, many have paid little attention to the race for Lieutenant Governor. Among the two choices for the post, the decision couldn't be easier. With all the qualifications that Jody Wagner can boast of, from being Warner's state treasurer to being Kaine's Secretary of Finance, I'd be endorsing her to be governor. She clearly possess more experience than her opponent Mike Signer. Mike does bring his own unique experience and has quite a good resume as both a policy wonk and political insider. Hopefully, Signer will find a post in the Deeds Administration ( cross your fingers) where he can expand his credentials. I truly do feel that one day Signer will find a promising future, but for now, Jody's time has come.

026 by jodywagner.

What a team!!!

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